Adventure Inc

Date: October 23, 2001 Author: Mantis System Categories: Television Credits
Starring Michael Biehn, Karen Cliché, Jesse Nilsson
Executive producers Jay Firestone Adam Hait Gale Anne
Hurd co-executive producers Simon Maccorkindale Gerard
Croce supervising producers Karen Wookey Karen Harris
Ethlie Ann Varde produced by Wendy Grean Tony Thatcher
Senior creative consultant James Thorpe Creative consultant Gillian Horvath consultant Barry Clifford
Music by Dominic Troiano
A Canada/United Kingdom/France Co-Production with the participation of M6
"2002 UAC Productions Inc./Bright Films/GTV A UAC Productions Co-Production.

"Adventure inc." Inspired by the real life exploits of explorer Barry Clifford, details the adventures of explorer Judson Cross and his crew, the strikingly beautiful Mackenzie Previn and Gabriel Patterson, the
young scion of one of America's richest and most influential families. The Vast Explorer, Judson's expedition yacht, serves as the operation's official headquarters in the fictional seaside town of Beau Harbor, South Carolina. The old Coast Guard ice-breaking tub has been salvaged, refurbished and equipped with a laboratory, diving center, submersible dock and engines powerful enough for a vessel twice her size.

Judson Cross and his crew's incredible journeys
encompass searching for the lost, the unknown and the unimagined. Judson's reputation as "the man who can find anything" has spread from bureaucrats to billionaires, resulting in opportunities, danger and excitement. Puzzles from history itch to be solved, present-day mysteries ache to be unraveled and sometimes villains need to be brought to justice. Judson is a charming, ruggedly handsome, streetwise adventurer who grew up in Beau Harbor surrounded by the town's history and legends. His easy charm and gift for engaging everyone, have served him well all over the world. Judson's incredible string of stunning discoveries include Lost Dutchman Mine In Arizona, Amella Earharts's plane, a Nazi art trove in a Bavarian cave and many others, have made him into an internationally renowned figure. His priceless finds have lined the pockets of investors and adorned museums worldwide, securing for him a continued procession of job opportunities. But for Judson- it's just about the thrill of the chase, not the trophy on the wall.